The Value of Serving Over Selling

Good morning everybody. I want to talk about some of the psychological pitfalls of building an online business, particularly on Facebook. I spent the first half of the day yesterday trying to connect with people on FB and yet feeling totally disconnected. Can anybody relate? Not knowing what to say, where to find common ground from which to build interaction. I was really doubting my own relevance in the online world, my ability to connect.

After hours of frustration, I pulled myself away from the screen and went outside for a walk. As I was walking along and pondering my situation a thought occurred to me: there is a fine line between selling and being of service. They are two different mentalities. When you try to sell there is an agenda and people can sense that in the way you communicate. You’re trying to push something on them. Of course, if you’re in business the goal is to sell, otherwise you wouldn’t be doing it. But in the world of social media (social being the key word) especially, if you try to sell people can sense the artifice. This is where my frustration was coming from yesterday. I was in sales mode instead of service mode. I was expecting people to respond to me in a certain way, and when I didn’t get that response I got frustrated. Try to sell people and they will push you away, but serve them and they will embrace you. They might even buy your product.

It is a strange paradox, selling without trying to sell. Learning to allow things the happen without expectation. I have days when I waver on both sides of the line between the sales and service mentality. But I’m learning that it’s better to focus on service. Have a great day everybody!

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