The Smart Way to Prospect According to Randy Gage

Creating a Multi-level Money machine by Randy Gage is the book that changed my mind about MLM marketing. It made me believe that it was possible to build networks and market your company without bulldozing through your social life and making a general nuisance of yourself.

The book focuses mainly on old school, offline marketing strategies but many of them can be applied to online stuff as well. I will be discussing how in this article.


The list building strategy that Gage recommends at the beginning of the book makes too much sense to be ignored by any serious marketer. He suggests approaching your warm market first when you join a new company. This is not a revelation. It is how he suggests going about it that is so refreshing. First, make a list of 100 people you know from close friends to general acquaintances. This may take some time but if you rack your brains, I’m sure you can do it. Now many people start by simply approaching close friends and family without making a list first. Either that or they have a list with maybe 20 or so names on it. If you have 100 names you won’t feel compelled to hard sell everyone you talk to for fear of burning through your list too quickly.


In fact, Gage argues, you don’t have to sell at all. Instead, go through your list and tell your prospects that you will be having a meeting to launch a new business that you have recently joined and you would appreciate it if they could be there. After that simply shut up and wait for them to respond. If you call 20 people at a time surely you can expect that at least some of them will show up. Since you have 100 names on your list, you can keep the momentum going by holding 5 meetings and spreading them out over several weeks.


The meeting itself should simply consist of showing your guests one of your company’s marketing tools such as a DVD. The logic here is that any new distributors should be able to duplicate the presentation process without needing any special sales or presentation skills. If you deliver a fancy pitch or spiel many of your prospects will think “that’s fine for him, he is obviously a skilled sales person, but there’s no way I could do that.” But if you show them a company or team DVD, all they have to do is press play.


Many of you will be wondering what happens after you burn through your warm market list. This is a perennial problem that new people in the industry run into. This is Network Marketing and “networking” is the key word. Go join your local toastmasters club. Take some yoga classes. Find clubs that relate to your company’s product. For example, if you’re company sells nutritional supplements, join a running club or a fitness association. Use to find local groups that you can connect with. Gage suggests making two new contacts each day. That’s 700 people in a year.


What about online marketing. Well, the same strategies can be applied there too. Instead of going to an actual physical meetup, join Facebook pages that relate either to the MLM industry or to your company’s products. Friend people and start conversations. Build your list. Then host a webinar in which you present your company to your online contacts. You can even bolster the numbers by creating a few strategically placed ads.


The take-home message from all of this is that there is no need to pester people and chase after them to join your business. Just make friends, build relationships, and when the time is right, invite them to your presentations.


Good luck and happy marketing!


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