Spinning Good Vibes Out Into Cyberspace

The internet is a world of incredible potentiality. We all know that it can bring out the best and worst in people. But the most incredible thing about the internet is the capacity for connection that it creates. I think the greatest thing about it is that if you want to learn about something you can not only read about it, but you can have focused conversations about it with people who share your interest and those conversations will be inscribed on the walls of cyberspace for others to take in and evaluate.

If you have a certain purpose or objective that you’re trying to reach in your life, the internet is a great place to build relationships that will strengthen your purpose. I’m interested in network marketing because I enjoy the possibility of community building and mutual prosperity that it represents.  I got involved with a community of like-minded network marketing enthusiasts some time ago and it has become my greatest support in building my business.

The same law of returns applies on the internet as with offline relationships. If you offer people the best of what you have, they will return in kind. However, online the return can become exponential in terms of the sheer numbers of people that can answer your positivity with their own. If you provide useful, valuable content and give off the sense that you genuinely want to help others in whatever field you happen to be in, that positivity will stay with you, it will become embedded into your online DNA in the form of content and people will become aware of it when they come in contact with you.

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