Make your Business Your Lifestyle

Diane Hochman is a veteran of Attraction Marketing and one of the fields top marketers. I recently enrolled in her Attraction Marketing Summer Intensive coarse. “Make your business your lifestyle” was her first statement right at the start of lecture one.

Many of us would be quick to disagree with such a commandment. I can hear the chorus now – “work is work and play is play, never the twain shall meet!” Certainly there is sound reasoning in this. Relationships between husbands and wives, parents and children, friends and friends have been torn apart when one party gets too engrossed in work. The path to success can be ruthless.  Relationships are often an unfortunate casualty when the separation between work life and personal life gets blurred.

Running a home based business can be different though. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to structure your time in such a way that you can accommodate different areas of your life. You can take a break and play with your kids, run out and do the shopping or prep a meal.It all fits together quite seamlessly.

So don’t think of your home based business as a daily obligation that requires a separate chunk of time to get done. Make it an integral part of your lifestyle and enjoy the process. Now imagine diving into your work with the same energy that you would give to a hobby that you’re passionate about. This is not a far leap in the realm of online/attraction marketing. Marketing online definitely has a creative element as you build content in the form of blogs, videos and status updates that represent your personal brand. There is a social component to it as well.  You build relationships and have conversations with colleagues and clients.

All of this can be fun and if you approach it with the same sense of revelry that you would great hobby, it becomes no work at all.

 Happy marketing!

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