Creating Context in your Business

I wanted to share some thoughts today on content versus context.

In the days before the internet, television was the medium that advertisers used to get their messages out to mass audiences. But television was a one way deal. The ad spoke while the audience passively received the content. Social media marketing is a different animal altogether. The content speaks but now the audience can answer and interact with what they’re seeing. It is every bit as much about context as it is about content. The medium defines the message.

If you look at the biggest websites on the planet – Facebook, youtube, twitter – they are not content driven. They are merely spaces in which content can be created by users. The question of creating appealing content is now only part of the equation. I won’t say that it has no importance but it is no longer the main issue. Marketers should be asking themselves how they can create inviting spaces in which users will want to interact.

What are you doing to create context in your business?

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