Why Webinars?

Webinars are one of the most effective sales and lead generation tools on the internet today. There is research to show that a webinar will double your sales volume over that of a simple capture page.

So what makes webinars so effective? They give you a chance to establish a personal connection with your attendees. People are much more likely to buy your stuff if they feel like they’ve already gotten to know you. Webinars are a great way to achieve this.

Your relationship to your audience will be enhanced if you use the webinar to offer something of genuine value. For instance, my partner and I gave a webinar recently to promote a training program for Facebook marketing. We delivered an hour chock full of useful tips, tricks and strategies to build your businesses profile on Facebook. Most of the content we shared was taken from the coarse we were selling so our audience got a good preview of the product.

We spent the last 25 minutes or so discussing the product and sharing our own testimonials of how it had benefited our business. We managed to sell one product despite the fact that our webinar had been riddled with technical problems. But that sale allowed us to pay our advertising costs and take a small profit which we then fed back into the advertising budget. This means that our next outing should bring bigger attendance numbers.

Here are some of the main benefits of webinar marketing:

1) Your guests have a chance to learn and benefit from the information you are sharing.

2) Your guests develop a sense of personal connection with you which makes them more likely to buy.

3) Anyone who attends must opt in with their email address. This allows you to build your list for long term email marketing.

4) You can use the webinar to sell products that will generate immediate profits for your business.

5) Your role as host positions you as a person of authority. If you can develop your presentation skills to a high level people will start coming through word of mouth recommendations. At this point your webinar program becomes a serious cash generator.

If you’ve had any experience hosting webinars or if your brand new and have any questions please comment below.

My very best to you and your success.

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