The Importance of Practise

Wanna learn to be an online marketer? Practise, practise, practise!

It doesn’t matter if you want to learn to play the trombone or make glorious, life-sized dinosaur sculptures. You have to practise. The same holds for online marketing.

Too many people launch marketing campaings half-cocked before they have the skills to make them go.  Would you get into a gunfight if you’ve never fired a gun? You don’t tackle the black diamond if you’re still doing that triangular snow plow thing with your skis.

If your still a newbie marketer the first thing you have to do is decide on a platform. Pick something that will suit your own skill set. If you’re good at writing, blog. If you’re a good presenter, videos and webinars are a good way to go. If none of the above, start practicing to develop the skills needed.

Also, keep your ear to the ground by talking to other marketers in your industry to find out which platforms are working for them.

Since webinar marketing is a favourite of mine, let’s take that as our example.

If you’ve never hosted a webinar before, the first thing you need to do is identify all the steps from advertising to presenting. So let’s break it down.

First, we’ll need to pick a product to sell during the webinar. Let’s say a training product for marketing on Facebook. Trainings are great because they provide you with the content of your webinar. Take a selection of some of the key concepts from the traing and summarize them in a powerpoint. Use screenshots and visuals to enhance the lesson. Be prepared to teach for about 45 minutes and make sure your  audience learns something they can use to improve some part of their life of business right away.

First, you’ll need to let people know about your webinar. This means advertising.  Figure out where your audience hangs out and get your message  to them either through paid or non-paid advertising. Facebook, Google, Twitter, Youtube, linkedin are all possible platforms.

Once you know where your people are, you have to learn How to advertise to that platform. Each platform involves a different set of skills and tactics.  I use Facebook a lot. I took an online course to learn Facebook marketing. Now I know how to do it.

I like to use capture pages with embeded videos to advertise my webinars. Making a capture page isn’t rocket science. There are plenty of software solutions out there that will practically do it for you. For me, shooting an effective video with a sales message took a bit more practise. If you practice shooting videos every day, in a week or two it’ll be a snap. When you think of each video as a practice run, it takes a lot of the pressure off and you will start to become more natural in front of the camera.

The capture page should also have some attractive sales copy that will convince visitors that your webinar is going to offer useful content and make them want to drop their name, email, and hopefully phone number. (getting the phone number is always harder, so make that field optional).

One good way to learn copy writing is to find a few successful marketers whose writing style you like. Subscribe to their email list and write out their mail copy by hand every day. In a few weeks you’ll be writing copy and frying an omelette at this same time.

Now that we have built a capture page with a video, some ad copy and a registration form, it’s time to advertise. I use pay per click advertising on Facebook mainly because I’m already a frequent Facebook user and there are plenty of groups and fan pages with large numbers of people who are pontentially interested in my products. Whether you’re doing social media advertising or seo, learn your advertising method well, even if it means investing some money in a course. You’re advertising is bound to improve with each campaign. The trick is to get out there and do it.

OK. So you’ve got your webinar scheduled, you’ve got a presentation with useful info, some people have enrolled and you’ve got a product to sell at the end. Be prepared to make your audience understand that what they’ve just seen is just a fraction of what they’ll get if they buy the product.

So once again, here are the skills you need to deliver a successful webinar: 1) ad creation 2) video creation 3) capture page design 4) copy writing 5) presenting. Focus on developing these skills. Practice them every day until you have basic competence. They will serve you well not only for your webinar campaign, but for the rest of your marketing career. Attend other webinars and take notes.

Please feel free to ask a question or leave a comment below.

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